Our Purpose on Earth

“Each one of us is given human life only for the purpose of realizing God. If we forsake this duty, we will never be happy in this life or in any other life. To tell you the truth, this is the only reason for human suffering, and nothing else. If we realized how we struggled in our mother's womb, how we repented our past lives' mistakes, and how we promised God to utilize this present life in a very meaningful manner to serve Hirm, before we were born, then we would never waste one second to think of anything else but to try our best in all our leisure time to realize God!


But as soon as we are born into this world, we forget everything. Because it is the law of the material world to let people forget. Therefore, it is necessary that a Master come and remind us again, again and again, until we remember what we had promised to God, inside the womb of our mother. We might not remember with our physical brains, but our souls, the ability of our wisdom will remember.”

Meditation: How to Remember Our True Nature

“Every time you pay full attention, one-pointedly and wholeheartedly, to one thing, that is meditation. Now, I pay only attention to the inner Power, to the compassion, to the love, to the mercy quality of God, and that is meditation. To do so officially, we should just sit in a quiet corner and be by ourselves, that is the process of meditation. But it isn't by sitting quietly in a corner that one gets something. You have to be in contact with that inner Power first and meditate using that inner Power. This is called Self awakening. We must awaken the real Self inside and let Hirm meditate, not our human brain and our mortal understanding. If not, you will sit down and think about a thousand things and won't be able to subdue your passions. But when you are self-awakened, the real inner Self, the God power within you, will control everything. You only know real meditation after you are awakened by transmission by a real Master. Otherwise, it is only a waste of time wrestling with your body and mind.”

What is the Master and why do we need one?

“A Master is one who has the key for you to become a help you realize that you are also a Master and that you and God are also One. That's all...that's the only role of the Master.”


“Masters are those who remember their Origin and, out of love, share this knowledge with whomever seeks it, and take no pay for their work. They offer all their time, finance and energy to the world. When we reach this level of mastership, not only do we know our Origin, but we can also help others to know their true worth. Those who follow the direction of a Master, quickly find themselves in a new world, full of true knowledge, true beauty and true virtues.”


“Initiation means the beginning of a new life into a new order. It means that the Master has accepted you to become one of the beings in the circle of Saints. Then, you are no longer an ordinary being, you are elevated, just like when you enroll for university, you are no longer a high school student. In the old times, they called it baptism or taking refuge in the Master.


Initiation actually is just a word for opening the spirit. You see, we are crowded with many kinds of obstacles, invisible as well as visible, so the so-called initiation is the process of opening the gate of wisdom and letting it flow through this world, to bless the world, as well as the so-called Self. But the true Self is always in glory and wisdom, so there is no need of blessing for that.”

The Quan Yin method - meditation on Inner Light and Inner Sound

The Inner Light, the Light of God, is the same Light referred to in the word "enlightenment". The Inner Sound, is the Word referred in Bible:" In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God." It is through the inner Light and Sound that we come to know God.


“So now, if we somehow can get in touch with this Word or Sound Stream, then we can know God's whereabouts, or we can be in contact with God. But what is the proof that we are in contact with this Word? After we are in contact with this inner Vibration, our life changes for the better. We know many things we never knew before. We understand many things we never thought of before. We can do, accomplish many things we never dreamed of before. We are getting mightier, and mightier, until we become almighty. Our being becomes more capable and more enlarged until we are everywhere, until we become omnipresent, and then we know that we became one with God.”

The Five Precepts

Supreme Master Ching Hai accepts people from all backgrounds and religious affiliations for initiation. You do not have to change your present religion or system of beliefs. You will not be asked to join any organization, or participate in any way that does not suit your current lifestyle. However, you will be asked to become vegan. A lifetime commitment to the vegan diet is a necessary prerequisite for receiving initiation.


The initiation is offered free of charge. Daily practice of the Quan Yin Method of meditation, and the keeping of the Five Precepts are your only requirements after initiation. The Precepts are guidelines that help you to neither harm yourself nor any other living being.


  • Refrain from taking the life of sentient beings. This precept requires strict adherence to a vegan diet. No meat, dairy, fish, poultry or eggs.
  • Refrain from speaking what is not true.
  • Refrain from taking what is not yours.
  • Refrain from sexual misconduct.
  • Refrain from using intoxicants. This includes avoiding all poisons of any kind, such as alcohol, drugs, tobacco, gambling, pornography, and excessively violent films or literature.


* This also includes 2.5 hours per day of meditation on the inner Light and Sound.


These practices will deepen and strengthen your initial enlightenment experience, and allow you to eventually attain the highest levels of Awakening or Buddhahood for yourself. Without daily practice, you will almost certainly forget your enlightenment and return to the lower level of consciousness.

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