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Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 135 - The Return of the King

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Nostradamus said that “the great King of defraying (financing)” will come in July 1999, to “bring back to life the great King of Angolmois.”

In our previous episode, we began exploring a recurring prediction in different parts of the world about the return of the King. Our first example was the High King Arthur of Britain, who we believe has arisen as foretold, to bring justice for the people. Next, we travel to neighboring France to reveal another fascinating prophecy. It comes from the 16th century physician and seer Michel de Nostredame, better known throughout the world as Nostradamus.

Supreme Master Ching Hai once said that Nostradamus was not a normal clairvoyant and that he had reached the level of arahat (great Saint) with exceptional clairvoyant powers. Master also said that Nostradamus was lucky to have had the king of France as a friend, otherwise for what he was, he would have been persecuted by the established “religions.”

Nostradamus was gaining renown for his truthful prophecies during the reign of King Henry II of France. In 1555, the King and his wife, Queen Catherine de’ Medici, eagerly invited the gifted astrologer to their court in Paris, where he was later bestowed the titles of Counselor and Physician-in-Ordinary. Before King Henry II’s rule, Nostradamus also witnessed the 32-year reign of King Henry’s illustrious father, King Francis I.

This brings us to one of Nostradamus’ most famous prophecies about the Savior: “The year 1999 seven month, From the sky will come a great King defrayer (financer): To bring back to life the great King of Angolmois, (who) Before and after Mars (war) reigning by happiness.”

The first lines say: “The year 1999 seven month, From the sky will come a great King of defraying (financing).” In French, the word “deffraieur” in this verse was commonly interpreted as “des frayeurs,” meaning “of terror.” However, some scholars say that the word could be taken literally: “deffraieur,” meaning someone who defrays or provides the finances for something. Thus, so far we found that in July 1999, there will come from the sky a great King who finances.

We think this is one of Nostradamus’ many references to the World Savior, which all refer to Supreme Master Ching Hai, as we discovered in Parts 6-9 of this multi-part series. Master is a world-renowned humanitarian who contributes financially to many causes. Etc…She also often “comes from the sky” by traveling in airplanes – including in or around July 1999.

Next, the stanza states that this great financing King is going to “bring back to life the great King of Angolmois.” Most interpreters think that “Angolmois” is an anagram for “Mongolois” (Mongolian). An anagram is a word formed by mixing up the letters of another word, which Nostradamus sometimes did to disguise his prophecies. The Great King of the Mongols, Genghis Khan, is indeed one of Master’s past incarnations!

However, scholars have put forth another, perhaps more compelling interpretation: that “the great King of Angolmois” refers to the king of Nostradamus’ own lifetime: King Francis I, who was from the royal House of Angoulême, also known as Angoumois. This word “Angoumois” is certainly very close to Nostradamus’ “Angolmois.”

So the Seer has foretold that the King from the Sky will be both Mongolia’s King as well as the King of France returned.

King Francis I was a beloved monarch, intelligent, courageous and highly generous. He is best known as a patron of the arts, supporting many of the great Renaissance artists, writers, musicians, and architects, etc. The most famous of these was Leonardo da Vinci from Italy, whom the King even successfully invited to come live in France to work for him. This is how some of da Vinci’s paintings, like the celebrated Mona Lisa, became part of France’s art collection. France became a renowned art center largely thanks to King Francis.

“And I’m pleased today to tell you about someone who has a great appreciation for the arts. She is Herself an accomplished poet and artist.” “Supreme Master Ching Hai has always been a great lover of the arts and a dedicated supporter of the artists.” Etc…

“She wants to see that we can save our world by love and inspiration through music and art, instead of war and disagreement.” “I feel that She will be a friend of mine for the rest of my life. And I’m Her friend.” “I myself, if there is a company I’ll be glad to be with all the time, it shall be the genuine, kind, talented artists and their art lovers.” “On behalf of all the artists here, thank You, Great Master.” “It seems sometimes that society is designed to discourage creative activity, and Master Ching Hai, as a creative person Herself, understands the importance of such creative work as a spiritual practice and as a critical aspect of the life for all sentient beings. …”

Because the artists, they’re connected with their inner creation force. And whatever they do with pure intention, that will uplift the atmosphere of our planet and help the world and the people to improve spiritually, and thus also making peace and harmony outside in our world. That will also inspire the ones who enjoy the artistic creation, to remember to connect with the inside creative force. They’re the best. They bring people joy when people are sad and down and have nowhere else to turn to. When they don’t have a friend to talk to, music or other kinds of artistic expression or products would bring them back to their feet, truly like that.”

“So, artists are very important, I always say that. That’s why we make a day for artists. I chose it because I asked for which day is empty, which day has not been named for anything important in the world, and there’s the 3rd of April. Oh, I was so happy, happy. And I wanted to say, ‘OK, that day for the artists.’”

“The most impressive part was who else would establish such an Artist Day? It’s not just about the honorarium gift [from Supreme Master Ching Hai], but I am so happy to genuinely feel the extent of Her considerateness.” “And at an international level it is something very big for all of us artists.”

“I feel the world should encourage artists more in different ways, should appreciate more their work, offer them more recognition and appreciation, offer more support and offer more respect in all ways, all means, all aspects, and above all, not wait until they leave our world in misery, then sell their soul-stirring, heart-touching products for millions of dollars while the artists themselves struggle with meager existence when they are alive among us.

“Springtime of Heaven and Earth and the infinite love of Master Ching Hai were blooming in the homeland. Supreme Master Ching Hai has donated directly to a number of artists and their families who were in destitute situations…” “We will remember these New Year gifts and we are very grateful for Supreme Master Ching Hai’s compassionate heart as well as her love for the arts, for all writers and artists, which very much motivates and encourages writers and artists of Hà Nam Province.” “She was so gracious to every department of the show. If I were in Her presence, I certainly would express to Her my great appreciation for Her caring about performers and the importance of recognizing what we do. Bless Supreme Master Ching Hai for having that attitude toward artists. We need it. It helps us to be better.” Etc…

King Francis I was “the patron king” of the arts. But the sovereign was generous in other ways too. He frequently toured his country on horseback, in rain or shine, to better understand the needs of his people. As he traveled, he would stop abuses by the nobles and show his kindness to the people, whom he addressed warmly as “my friends, my beloved ones,” etc.

The similarities are evident in the activities of Supreme Master Ching Hai, who cares deeply about the less privileged. Wherever She travels, She shares not only Her finances, but also Her unreserved love and protective kindness, especially with those less appreciated or cared for.

Nostradamus said that “the great King of defraying (financing)” will come in July 1999.

From May through June 1999, Master was on an intensive lecture tour all over Europe, to comfort the people during the very tense time of the Kosovo War. She also made time in between Her lectures and travels to make humanitarian donations. The most publicly known of these contributions were made in Armenia, as well as for the Kosovo War victims. Furthermore, this was preceded by Master’s major contributions at a benefit concert held in Her honor in Los Angeles, United States, and was followed by another humanitarian trip in South Africa. On the last day of the demanding lecture tour, a peace agreement was finally signed on June 9, 1999, ending the Kosovo War.

“So they signed the peace treaty already. Last night. I hope they keep it! Last night when we finished, they also finished. Thank you for being so supportive. And thank God for helping us. It seems very necessary this time, that we get together for the same purpose of bringing Heaven to this planet.”

Perhaps this is why Nostradamus wrote in the last line of this prophecy that the King coming in July 1999 would be “reigning by happiness” both “before and after Mars (war).” Through Her uplifting message and presence, Master brought peace and happiness to people before and after the war. She also brought back to life the great King Francis I – meaning She is the reincarnation of this great King, and/or She revived his loving and giving spirit through Her actions.

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