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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about our Planet: Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 223 - Prophecies on the Reappearance of Master Lao Tzu (vegan), the Great Saint of the Tao

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“After I have manifested many times in bodily form, my disciples are numerous. Outwardly I look like a homeless servant while My Inner Self is the perfect Immortal, mastering the entire vision and owning the essence of Spirit.”

As we have been revealing in our recent episodes, Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan) has previously incarnated as Master Lao Tzu (vegan), the Founder of Taoism, and other Taoist Masters and Saints.

In the “Scripture of the Transformations of Master Lao Tzu,” Great Master Lao Tzu wrote: “After I have manifested many times in bodily form, my disciples are numerous. Outwardly I look like a homeless servant while My Inner Self is the perfect Immortal, mastering the entire vision and owning the essence of Spirit.”

These words also describe the current incarnation as Supreme Master Ching Hai. As described in the prophecy, Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan) has attained enlightenment in this lifetime, though She looks like a regular human being, just like any of us. In daily life, She lives a frugal life with minimum necessities.

“When I come here, I dress up for you to please your godly eyes. To please your saintly hearts in this little miserable world. I make it a little more colorful. I make jokes to make you happy. When I’m at home, I’m very strict with myself. Sometimes I feel hungry, and I don’t go to eat even. I need to meditate to go up higher. Okay? (Yes, Master.) And I don’t have room for anything. Just a few pairs of simple clothes to wear there only.”

Master’s commitment to uplifting sentient beings draws unprovoked attacks from negative powers. Thus, for safety measures, Supreme Master Ching Hai has to constantly move Her location, similar to a nomad. She also prefers to stay in humble, small spaces. The centers and housing that She provides for disciples and for carrying out Her work are often under Her assistants’ names, which may also lead some to perceive Her as being homeless. Perhaps this is what it means by “outwardly I look like a homeless servant.” Also perhaps because of Her humble manner when She travels around the world.

“So many centers also. It's not in my name, so when I tell people, ‘Oh, I have a piece of land in San Jose or in New York,’ and when they find out, they think I tell lies, because I don't put my name in it. I just give it to whomever. I just give the money and whoever disciple, convenient, you know, goes and signs, and has it in her name or his name. I never care. That's how sometimes I forget. It was so embarrassing sometimes. You don't know the way they look at you.”

“I lived in a small storage that I built myself. (Oh.) You can see it, a very small hut, one meter-fifty squared. Even I could not stretch my legs. (Wow.) In another area, another place, I lived really in the bin, the garbage bin. (Oh, wow.) You know, there are some garbage bins, they are double. No, they are big. (Oh, yes. Yes.) I bought the brand new one, put it on the land and opened the top, so it’s a little bit taller. (Yes.) And then I lived in there. (Oh!)”

As a “Servant” of God whose “Inner Self is the perfect Immortal,” Supreme Master Ching Hai has reincarnated many times. In an inner vision, an association member saw that Supreme Master Ching Hai had been not only Taoist Masters, but also the Founder of all major religions.

“(In 2014, during meditation, Quan Yin Bodhisattva [vegetarian] appeared to me and told me that Supreme Master Ching Hai [vegan] is the Founder of all major religions on Earth that has the dharma lineage transmitting Quan Yin method of Heavenly Light and Sound. And after that, I saw Shakyamuni Buddha [vegan] of Buddhism, and Lao Tzu [vegan] of Taoism was our Master. I saw one after another that She was the founder of Buddhism, Catholicism, Taoism, Confucianism, Hinduism, Tibetan Bon tradition, etc… and also some sun-related religions in Africa, and more.)”

Supreme Master Ching Hai has also incarnated as various Kings and Queens, sometimes as high officials, artists or scholars, etc. All incarnations were to liberate and help the souls on Earth and create affinity with them to uplift them and bring happiness and goodness to the world. Another of our Association members shared her vision unveiling Master’s past identities.

“(During today’s global prayer time, Master took me to travel through the Universe at an incredible speed! At the beginning, we shuttled at the edge of the Universe in square movement, flying across the periphery of the Universe at very high speed, and gradually narrowed the area to the middle, shuttled in triangular movement, and made the triangle smaller and smaller to reach the center of the Universe. The center of the Universe slowly swelled up, and there was some vitality brewing and growing in it.

Then the center point slowly bulged up like an egg. Soon after, a mandala flower came out from the egg. At first, there were a few petals slowly opening from the center to the surroundings. The shape is very regular, like the mandala figure on the Tibetan thangka. The mandala represents the Universe and the orbit of the Universe. When it was about fully bloomed, a very long flower stalk protruded from the center of the egg. A flower opens up to the sky, with layer after layer of petals blooming higher and higher, and when it reaches the top, a little golden man emerges from the mandala flower.

He was still very small, but he wore the king’s golden cloak and crown since coming out, and then the little golden man slowly grew up and became an adult king. He held a scepter in his hand and a crown on his head. His face first showed Master’s current face, but after a while he became a western king. He took the scepter and went down to the throne, slowly walking down the stairs, his body glowing golden light. Sometimes he dressed like a certain European prince; other times, he wore a golden dress like a Thai royal king, like King Rama V of Thailand.

After a while, Dr. Sun Yat-sen, the founding Father of China, emerged from the body of Master, and many, many faces of Master from different previous lives appeared. Some I knew, some didn’t, and all overlapped in one body.

At this time, a three- dimensional chronology of Master’s previous lives was unfolded in my mind. Each of these numerous identities was holding the king’s scepter, walked out of Master’s body to their respective historical positions. It looked like a grand historical retrospect, and it also represented the display of God’s plan. Among Master’s past lives, there were queens, empresses, kings, emperors, painters, poets, dancers... and so on.

I saw Queen Elizabeth I of England and how her appearance changed while growing up as a small girl. She also stood on her stage of history.

Notably, I saw an old Lady with a hunchback who was also our Master. She looked like the famous Bulgarian visually impaired prophet Baba Vanga.

As Master’s predecessors continued to appear and spread out, there was a female dancer dancing an extremely beautiful modern dance. She danced out of Master’s body. The dance was powerful and tense, like Taiwan’s Cloud Gate Dance Theatre. At this time, I heard people call her ‘Duncan’! Isadora Duncan was a great American innovator in the history of dance, known as the ‘Mother of modern dance.’ She brought modern dance to everyone and refreshed everyone’s definition of dance!

When I meditated at midnight on December 30, I continued seeing more of Master’s previous lives. There was Du Fu, the ‘Poet Sage’ of the Tang Dynasty, who appeared wearing a typical Tang Dynasty hat. He was compassionate, and his anti-war poems were frequently quoted by later generations. There was also the famous, talented female Poet, Li Qing-Zhao of the Song Dynasty in China; she was Master. I also saw the legendary Hua Mulan – who bravely joined the army on behalf of her father– who was also Master.

In addition, I saw that Master was George Stephenson, who invented the world’s first locomotive in the United Kingdom. The inner vision showed him wearing a suspender overalls and standing next to an old-fashioned locomotive. A voice told me, ‘He is Stephenson!’ He is called the father of railways.

Just now, inner Master told me that She was Madame Curie, the Polish-French scientist who was famous for discovering the radioactive substances polonium and radium! Maria Skłodowska Curie, physicist and chemist. She won the Nobel Prize twice.

The great Russian writer Lev Nikolaevich Tolstoy was also Master.)”

Indeed, Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan) has been reincarnating on Earth countless times. With our human eyes, we are unable to grasp the magnitude of what She has achieved with each incarnation. Yet once our wisdom eye opens, we may comprehend the immense spiritual awakenings that Supreme Master Ching Hai facilitates within the hearts, minds and souls of so many beings on our planet and beyond. Thus, the words of the Great Master Lao Tzu (vegan), “while My Inner Self is the perfect Immortal, mastering the entire vision and owning the essence of Spirit” apply to Supreme Master Ching Hai within this lifetime and beyond.

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