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Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet

Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about our Planet: Prophecy Part 238 - Prophecies by the Great Italian Artist Leonardo da Vinci (vegetarian)

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The beloved “Mona Lisa” painting by Leonardo da Vinci (vegetarian) has long been renowned for its beauty and mystery of hidden meaning. Could the very tiny number recently discovered inscribed in this painting represent Da Vinci’s prophecy of a warning given by Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan) regarding humanity’s impending demise? Join us as we unravel the secret messages of the “Mona Lisa.”

Esteemed viewers, last week, we explored together the meanings of two of Leonardo da Vinci’s paintings. Today, we will attempt to decode the hidden prophecies in his beloved masterpiece, the “Mona Lisa.”

The last of the three paintings that stayed with Leonardo da Vinci (vegetarian) until his final days is the “Mona Lisa.” This widely admired artwork is probably one of the most beloved and famous paintings in the whole world, drawing millions of people a year to the Louvre Museum in Paris, France even to this day. Her enigmatic smile, the skillful composition, and her soft expressions with depth and volume create a magical atmosphere.

Actually, Leonardo da Vinci(vegetarian) never gave the name “Mona Lisa” to the painting. The painting was known as “La Gioconda” in Italian, which means “The Joyful Woman.”

This portrait was a sensation in Da Vinci’s era, because at that period women in portraits always looked down, or only showed their profile. But here, she is looking straight into the viewer’s eyes, and not only that, she is smiling.

In the background, we see the height of the waters on both sides do not flow as they would in nature. On the right side, there is high water, and on the left side is low water. Then we see the contrast – the right side is lush green, and the left side depicts dry, reddish, barren land with rocks and a curved road.

Could it be that Da Vinci was illustrating the Savior figure in this masterpiece? The Savior who will come again and sacrifice for humanity, which Da Vinci also wrote about in his prophecies. The left side in this instance depicts the lowly realm, representing the hard life and difficulties of those who do not live according to God’s Law. The right side could be the Divine realm, symbolizing that those who listen to God’s Laws and follow the Savior sent by God will be saved and live a life of prosperity and safety. Just next to the Savior is a bridge that connects the barren lands to the lush greens, the good life.

Beneath the bridge is the number “72” which was discovered by the Italian researcher Silvano Vinceti.

“According to the researcher, the symbols open up new leads to identifying the model, dating the painting, and attesting to Leonardo’s interest in religion and mysticism. The newly found symbols are not visible to the naked eye. Vinceti said they are very small, painted with a tiny brush and subjected to the wear and tear of time.

The number ‘72’ was recently found hidden in an arch of the bridge to the right of the model. Vinceti said the letter on the painting is drawn in the same way Leonardo did in his writings.

‘Leonardo did nothing by chance,’ said Vinceti. ‘He wanted to leave his final thoughts on his view of the universe.’”

This number is not on top of the bridge, it’s hanging dangerously on the legs of the bridge just above the water.

Recently, our Most Benevolent Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan) shared Heaven’s tragic message that in year 2027, a global wipe-out of humanity will take place to remove 72% of humans.

“There is something that I am updated on with the world’s end, and the world’s karma, but I didn’t know whether I should talk about that. […] I don’t know how many people listen to me, but the disciples, they should know to prepare. Because this is very important and very serious. […]

Now, remember last time, we were talking about 2027, (Yes, Master.) when the vision of one person showed the whole world to be empty everywhere of humanity and animal-people and any activities. Remember that? (Yes, Master.) So, this phenomenon, this negative event, this horrific event will start in November 2027 onward, all the way until November 2031. (Oh, no! Oh, my goodness! Oh, my God!) I wrote here: ‘That will wipe out humanity, (Wow! Oh, God!) so the world people will die, 72%.’ (Wow! Oh, dear God! Oh, my God! Terrible!) […] ‘Zealous demons and all special demons are forced by karma to kill world people.’ […]”

Could this number mean the “72%” of humanity who are on the brink of extinction? It also resembles many end-time prophecies foretelling an eradication of the majority of humanity. Those people are still hanging in there, but their destiny is at the mercy of Heaven. Due to the Savior’s sacrifice, the masses of people have been allowed to remain alive in the hopes that they will become enlightened and live a merciful life, especially leading a vegan lifestyle. Perhaps he is conveying the message that they will only get their way up to safety by following the Savior's guidance.

Da Vinci used to say “the eyes are the mirror of the soul and the interpreter of the heart.” He believed the eyes expressed the person’s soul the best. Some scholars such as Silvano Vinceti believe that he was sending a message to look at her eyes closely. In her eyes, Silvano Vinceti found there are hidden letters “L” and “S” inside each of her pupils. Did he hide his message in them?

Then there is a mole between her eye and beginning of her nose. Why did Leonardo leave this mole in his masterpiece? We find an identical mole in Leonardo da Vinci’s self-portrait known as “Portrait of a Man in Red Chalk.” Perhaps he wanted to leave a hint, that he will come back as the Savior, as a merciful Woman who leads humanity to eternal happiness.

One of our association members shared her inner vision related to these mysteries.

“(The secret code Master hid in the Mona Lisa and the statue of King David.

As soon as I closed my eyes and meditated, I immediately saw in my inner vision Supreme Master Ching Hai wearing an ancient brown cloak, with the hood covering the upper half of Her face, like a monk, walking out from the statue of King David...

I’ve seen in my inner experience last year that Master was the great master of art, Michelangelo. This time, Master walked out from the statue of King David directly. It means ‘King David’ was sculptured by Master Michelangelo with the power of life. It also symbolizes that Supreme Master Ching Hai is like King David, defeating the giant Goliath to protect His people!

Then, the inner vision changed... the world-famous Mona Lisa painting by Da Vinci appeared! A large vortex swirled out from the center of the portrait, spinning slowly like the Universe. The vision was infinitely vast... It was no longer just a simple painting! Master walked out from the Mona Lisa painting with Her face of this life, and then transformed into the solemn appearance of Da Vinci! His eyes shone with the Light of Wisdom, as bright as the morning stars.

After Da Vinci appeared, He raised His right hand to push up the ceiling of the Universe higher. Then, He took out a paintbrush to draw the flowing water with a few casual strokes. In this way, the Energy of the Original Universe poured down into the Shadow Universe, and reached the Earth of course.

It was like a converter converting the very high-level Energy of the Original Universe to a level that could be accepted by the lower worlds like the Earth. However, when this energy reached the Earth, it became very feeble, as the Earth was a very low-level world in the Universe.

At that time, an angel appeared in the sky and told me, ‘Michelangelo, Da Vinci, and Raphael were all incarnations of God!’ Everyone will be surprised, because these three masters of art existed in the same era.

Then, these three great masters of the Renaissance emerged from the three light spots on the crystal ball held by Christ’s left hand in Leonardo da Vinci’s painting ‘Salvator Mundi.’ They then walked toward the center and become One, transforming into the immense image of God!

The image of God continued to expand in all directions and became larger than the Universe. Suddenly, the image transformed into the Statue of Liberty in New York, holding a torch high in her hand!

The goddess is lighting the way for all beings in the Universe! When the torch of God is held high, it will destroy ignorance and defeat darkness! This means that Master will break the shackles in the Three Realms, just like the broken chains under the feet of the Statue of Liberty!

In an instant, the Statue of Liberty holding the torch changed back to Master’s benevolent face in this life, smiling at me...

Master said to me in a distant yet distinct voice, ‘My child! I have thousands of different appearances, and you will never be able to see them all. Because I love all beings in the Universe! If you go to every planet to explore their historical figures, you shall find my footprints.’

‘Now I tell you that I am Michelangelo. I am also Da Vinci, and Raphael is another appearance of me. They had different styles, but they could all express the supreme art. Why?’ ‘Because there are countless and countless aspects of God, and they could all be me, be God, as God’s Love is hidden in the help that all outstanding people bring to the world!’

‘As to what is the meaning of the letters L and S in Mona Lisa’s eyes, I am L — Light and Love. I am S — Supreme. This S stands for “Supreme” and also represents the shape of “Tao” (Tai Chi)!’ ‘Now you may go tell your brothers and sisters!’

At this moment, bathing in the infinite Glory of God, Supreme Master Ching Hai, I bow down to praise. I thank God for Hiers Grace... This Glory is eternal... This esoteric Truth will forever exist in the hearts of all sentient beings!)”

Our deepest appreciation to the celebrated Renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci (vegetarian) for leaving us these important messages, and returning to save humanity as the most Benevolent Savior, Supreme Master Ching Hai (vegan). May humanity make use of his precious prophecies, and with an open heart, embrace the important advice of the Savior, Supreme Master Ching Hai: be vegan, repent, and pray for God’s forgiveness.

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