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Between Master and Disciples

Supreme Master Ching Hai's Newly Created Spiritual Land for the Worthy, Part 1 of 2, Dec 19, 2018

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I have created a special area, a special spiritual land for all of you and whoever, under the wings, under my wings. (Thank You, Master!)

(Yes, we’re here, Master.) I just want to wish you a Happy, Merry Christmas, New Year, before I will be bundled up, OK? (Thank You, Master.) I’m too busy. I have to call America several times and then I have to take care of some editing, and then the dogs… You know what I’m saying. (Yes, Master.) Yeah. I wanted to have my dinner but I think I have to forget it now. It’s too late. Forgot all about it. I even forget my dinner. My God, I’ve been running within my own house. Running faster because of so much hectic work today. Anything you need me to do with the…if you have the script in advance, you have to send it to me, OK? (Yes, Master.) Because maybe later I won’t have a chance to do it. During the retreat, maybe no chance. (Yes, Master.)

Actually, I wanted to wish you MERRY CHRISTMAS, HAPPY NEW YEAR. (Merry Christmas, Master. Happy New Year.) Wish you in advance. OK? (Thank You, Master.) Actually, I wanted to invite you out for dinner, like ordinary people, outside. You know, they go and eat with their employees before Christmas and all that. But I am really sorry, I don't think I can make it at all. (All good, Master.)

OK, and I also wanted to buy you presents. Now I’m thinking each one of you gets US$100 present. Now what do you want me to buy for you? You want me to give you the money to buy yourself, or what else do you want to do? (Everything together in the fund.) Wow, OK. Then together, that will double the money then. Yeah, you one hundred each. And I one hundred getting from you. OK, we will put it in the program as Supreme Master TV (Contribution.) inner circle staff donation. (Thank You, Master.) Good, good. Then I will also put it in the... because I have told FG to give donations for winter for the homeless. I gave 60,000 USD, and now added on that’s about 60… maybe 60 or 70… maybe 61-62,000 USD together in your name. (Wow. Thank You, Master.) (Supreme Master Ching Hai and Supreme Master TV staff generously donated 66,000 USD.) Yeah, I don’t want to rob it from you actually, but I thought maybe you would like to give something. I thought maybe you’d like to, instead of having presents for yourself, because many people suffer; they’re worse off than us. So, I don’t really celebrate Christmas that much or my birthday even, you know that. OK? (Yes, Master.) I use that money instead, to give out. (Yes.) Even one dollar more, or one hundred dollars more, it helps some people. (Yes, Master.)

Because we don’t really need anything, right? (No, Master.) Whatever you need, you just write it down and it goes to your door, right? (Yes, Master.) Yeah, I also don’t need anything much really. Because I have too much, I always have to try to sort it out to give away. But when I give away some, it comes back again, more. And the other people just keep buying. You know, the staff they just buy anything and put it there before I even know about it. What a life, you know, like sometimes you … I remember Hillary Clinton once said that her life in the presidential White House is strange. Yeah, like if she said, “Oh, the banana is good,” then it came many, many, a lot of bananas. And they kept buying it again and again. Same here. Anyway, not anymore because I forbid. I said, “You guys don’t buy me anything unless I really write it down and want it.” (Yes, Master.) Because, before, you remember my house was full of things and it took so much time to take care of it and to sort it out. And if I don’t do it on time, then it goes bad. You know? (Yes, Master.) Some food will go bad and all that. And what for? I don’t even eat it.

And you guys have everything you need or not? (Yes, Master.) The girls, also OK, yeah? (Yes, Master.) Just now I asked Jim if your food is OK with you, because maybe every day the same salad, the same vegetables, the same broccoli, the same whatever. Every two, three days, change at least. OK? (Yes, Master.) Every day should be different, so you have a variety for taste as well as for nutrition and vitamins, OK? (Thank You, Master.) I do worry about you guys, your contentment and happiness, even though I don’t always say anything. I’m too busy. Otherwise I would cook for us. (Thank You, Master.) I am a good cook, it’s just that I’m running, I’m eating while working, I’m running to do anything. It’s also good. I run inside my house, kilometers per day, so, I don’t need exercise.

When you work on the computer like me, you move your legs around. (Yes, Master.) Just move the legs, give them active movements. And the arms sometimes, if you’re not putting them on the computer, then you move your legs around in circles, or up and down, in and out, left, right. OK? I do that. I have to, otherwise, you feel cramps sometimes. (Yes, Master.) I don’t know. Maybe you are young, you don’t feel cramps. It doesn’t matter. Maybe because you are running around from your area to the work place, and to the kitchen, and to the bathroom, maybe you exercise enough. Just move your hands, then. (Yes, Master.) The legs are running enough. Your hands should move. OK? (Yes, Master. Thank You.)

I truly wanted to go out with you, but… Never mind, I comfort myself and comfort you. We are practitioners, we don’t need all kinds of diplomacy. (Yes, thank You, Master.) But ask the kitchen to make some (vegan) cakes for you, for Christmas and New Year. And make real, hot pot, or something special. Whatever you like, you write it down, OK? (OK, Master. Thank You, Master.) You guys prefer to cook for yourselves, or not? (No. No, Master.) No? I prefer, but I hardly have, rarely have any chance to do that. And sometimes you buy, or some people get me some vegetables, but I leave them all there until they’re all very bad. Then I feel sorry and then I quickly make a chop suey. Like, put all in one pot and make a soup. But hardly, rarely have any chance. Even though when you cook for yourself, maybe tastes better, but we just have to be contented with that, with what we have now. It’s better than people who don’t have food. But still. Tell them, I want them to have variety for your diet. (Yes, Master.)

OK, any questions at all? (Master, we just wish You well and hope that at the upcoming retreat, Master is healthy and everything is well with You, Master.) Thank you. I also wish the same, thank you. And I wish you well if we don’t have a chance, or if I can’t contact you during retreat. You be well, and take care of yourselves, all of you. OK? (Thank You, Master.)

(Master, a couple of weeks ago, You were talking about a disciple of the Buddha, whose mother went to hell for talking negatively about the Buddha.) Yeah. (And I was wondering, for normal people who don’t understand spiritual practice and live only in the mundane world, like for example, our family members or friends, if they maybe sometimes think not so positively about what we’re doing or our spiritual practice, or even Master, what kind of effects does that have on them, Master?)

I guess maybe the same. You have to keep providing them with information, tell them to watch Supreme Master TV just for fun. (Yes.) Maybe tell them for fun. We have a lot of good programs. (Yes, Master.) At least that elevates their spirits and lessens their negative thoughts and influences on themselves. OK? (Yes, Master.) Yeah, that is the problem. That is our society’s problem. Whatever they think is new and not established, they look down upon it. (Yes.) But at least you’re helping yourselves. (Yes, Master.) And maybe that influences them somehow.

The mother of Maudgalyayana, she should have been in hell forever even, and have more and more punishment. But because her son was the disciple of the Buddha, her sentence was already less severe. Yeah? (Yes, Master.) And then, she could even be liberated, in such a short period. So, it has some good effect if a family member does practice. (Yes, Master.)

Send them some clips or something. Or tell them to watch TV. Tell them you are on it, now and then, so maybe catch it if you are there. (Yes, Master.) Post them now and then some loving words and grateful words and stuff like that. (Yes.) Say also, “Our Master is very grateful for such good and gracious parents like mine,” like yours. OK? (Yes, Master.) Something like that, and put a few clips or something together with that. OK? (OK, Master.) Whatever you think is good for them. (Thank You, Master.) And pray for them also, during your meditation. (Yes. Yes, Master.) So that they will be more elevated in spirit. (Yes, Master.) Yeah, the whole world is sometimes bad, bad influence on each other.

But I saved the worst, understand that? (Yes, Master.) I saved all the people that no other Master could save or wanted to save. (Yes, Master, thank You.) Because I have created a special area, a special spiritual land for all of you and whoever, under the wings, under my wings. (Thank You, Master!) The Fifth Level is only a station that you go to, and then you’ll be whisked to a very special area beyond, better than the Fifth Level. (Wow!) Because no other Master wanted to save any of my so-called disciples. So, I had to make a new Buddha’s Land, (Wow, Master. Thank You.) which is better, beyond and better than the Fifth Level. (Wow! Thank You, Master! Thank You, so much!) And we could even save the worst. (Thank You, Master.)

But that plane of existence, even though beyond and better than the Fifth Level, is only for the worthy ones. The ones who really have faith in the Master. The rest, either they have to pay their debts and transmigrate for some time, or stay in a lower level and keep learning to climb up. (Yes, Master.) Not everybody after death goes straight to the Fifth Level and transitions to the higher land.

Actually, even if other Masters had wanted to save those worst cases, if They didn’t have affinity with them or if those Masters didn’t have enough power to do that, then They couldn’t. Not just that They didn’t want to, but it’s just like, the hard cases. (Yes, Master.) Just like the lawyers, they don’t always take cases, even though they need money or they want to earn money, but they don’t always take all cases, because sometimes it’s too bad, (Yes.) too unredeemable. It’s beyond their power. But some powerful lawyers, they take hard cases, harder cases, difficult cases, and maybe only the rich can afford it. Or that lawyer is especially compassionate; he’s always looking to protect those innocents, but with no financial or any support. (Yes, Master.) So similarly, not all Masters could save all souls that wanted to be saved, OK? (Understand, Master.) Because to save one soul, it doesn’t mean only one being, there are many connected with that soul life after life. You understand, right? (Yes, Master.)

(Master, when we go to the land beyond the Fifth Level, will we be able to just remember You or do we…?) I’m there, God, silly! (Oh, OK. Thank You, Master.) The owner of the house would be anywhere else? (We won’t be under the Fifth, the Lord of the Fifth Level anymore?) No, no. (We’ll just be under You then. Thank You.) Yeah, yeah. Special. (Thank You very much.) My disciples can only go to the best, the best possible. (Thank You, Master.)

It’s not the Original Universe but it’s very special. Beyond and above the Fifth Level, better. Special place. And we will be happy together there forever. (Thank You, Master!) Because the Original Universe, some people would ask me if they can go there. You can’t. You are already created. You’re not original anymore. OK? (Yes, Master.) But above and better than the Fifth Level, that’s the best already. Even the Fifth Level is already good. It’s just because the Saints and the Masters there don’t take you up, so you don’t go there; you go with me. (Wow. Yes, Master.) And it’s even better. OK? (Yes, Master!) Well, if you go to the Fifth Level, it’s already very good. It’s just in our case, it is different. So, don’t worry, OK? (Thank You, Master!) Just be helpful to the world, do your best, unconditionally, then you will get there, with me. (Thank You, Master.) Yeah. That’s it for now.

(Master, You mentioned that You could even save the worst. I think the outside, non-initiated might want to know how they can… Can they also go to that special area or what do they need to do?) It depends, if they have faith in the Master, OK? Even if you are not initiated but you have faith in the Master and remember the Master, or saw the Master once, but have no bad ideas about Master. Even don’t slander Master or don’t… maybe not have faith in Master but saw Master once, and not having any negative actions or thoughts or ideas against the Master, or speak against Master, then they can also go to the higher levels and then slowly go up to that place at the end. But it takes a long time. (Yes, Master.) Even then, they will not go to hell, or go to a lower existence anymore. (Yes, Master.) It’s kind of a guarantee. (Wow!) It just takes a long time to go to the level that’s specially created for worthy disciples, OK? (Yes, Master.)

The worthy disciples do not necessarily mean very intelligent or highly positioned in society or always talk like a big shot in group meditation, or do not necessarily look like he’s doing a lot of virtuous deeds or anything. But it’s the inside, OK? (Yes, Master.) Maybe he’s done all that, good outside also, but inside, he has to be good and never have wavering faith in the Master. (Yes, Master.) Because the Heavens know everything. Not that we’re demonstrating or playing theatre outside, but inside. (Yes, Master.)

Any more questions? (Yes, Master.) (Last time, Master told a story about the disciple who went against her Master, and she had to reincarnate and go back to hell and be in such a terrible state if she became human, for so, so, so long. So, if Master’s disciples are considered the worst cases, how come Master’s disciples are not… like, we’re in good shape, in this lifetime. Is that due to Your grace?) Yes, it is. But also, because they have paid their debt in former lives, for thousands, hundreds of thousands of years of burning in hell already. (Yes, Master.) You’re in good shape because of Master Power’s Grace. Also, you help with Supreme Master TV. And also, you have some merits concerning your health, some merits to stay healthy. So, there are several reasons. Continue to keep your faith, your truthful, unconditional service to others. Remain pure in your hearts, and meditate well. Then you will continue to be in a good shape.

But not all of you are the worst, no, no. I mean you in general, but not all of the disciples are the worst cases. No. (Yes, Master.) And even the worst cases, if they’ve paid their debt, they became human again, then they’re OK. It’s just that sometimes, they went back to their karma, the habit of the former life, and they did bad things again. (Yes, Master.) And that’s also because of the Maya influence. If they don’t hold on to the Master faith, if they don’t believe in the Master, or if they came in just by chance, or they are influenced by surrounding people, or whatever, and they don’t practice well, they don’t hold on to their faith and the practice method that the Master teaches, then they might go wrong again. (Yes, Master.) Then they have to start all over again, if they have a chance, or not. OK? (Yes, Master.)

You are in good shape because you’re good. I don’t mean you, OK? Many of the disciples are good. It’s just that how much percent, let me see… I knew it before, I just forgot. About 63% of disciples are good. (Yes, Master.) And how much is that? Thirty-seven percent are not too good. Some are the worst cases, go against the Master even. It happened already several times. (Yes, Master.) But this is the case.

Even Buddha had bad disciples, like Devadatta? (Yes, Master.) Always went against Him, and harmed Him, wanted to kill Him, and then even tried to assassinate Him or defamed Him, life after life. And even when He is already the Buddha, officially Buddha. And Jesus, even though He taught all the good things, He also had bad disciples. (Yes, Master.) Like Judas, yeah? (Yes.) Intentionally or not, they harmed Him. And they have to go to hell to pay for their sins. Nobody punished him (them). It’s themselves, because we have judgment inside. (Yes, Master.) We can escape society’s judgment or observation, but we cannot escape our own judgment, our own observation, because we know everything. (Yes, Master.)

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