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Supreme Master Ching Hai's Diary: The Living Masters Can Liberate All redeemable Souls, Part 3 of 4 May 5, 2019

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So, the Buddhas and Christ, any Saint, rescue all the people, all the beings in this world, as long as They are in this world. And Their energy will linger in the world for 300, 500 years after, after Their Nirvana.

By the way, meat also means fish. Because the meat of the fish is also meat. Any sentient beings, anything from their bodies, are meat and bone. Whether or not from a big elephant or to the smaller earthworm, it’s the same. So, when we say meat, mostly people think, don’t eat meat but eat fish. Well, many people do that. Friday, eat fish instead of meat. So, don’t eat meat, meaning don’t eat any sentient beings’ parts, no part of any sentient beings; that means meat.

So, the Light of Heaven can only lead you to Heaven. The purpose is not to use it for anything else except to lead you Home. Just like you have a torch, you go where you want to go. For example, you want to go home, you use the torch or the light to light the way to go home. And that light is for that purpose, and you control it. So, it’s not possible that this light controls itself and leads you to the bathroom of the neighbors, for example. So, you control the lamp that leads you home, leads you where you want to go. Similarly, Heaven’s Light is controlled by Heaven of course, just to show you where to go Home.

And when Jesus preached in one area, whether Mount Olive or Mount Sinai, or wherever He preached at that time, the whole world heard, the whole Heavens heard. Because the souls are not limited or obstructed by anything at all, whatsoever! Thus, the Buddha didn’t have to even go in different places in the whole world, to preach His doctrine. He even sat in one place and the whole universe heard Him at that time.

Similar to any Saint, any Saint at all, any Prophet at all, any Master at all, They work like that. They work inside with the souls. They don’t work with your brain. Your brain is just like a computer. Even it hears, but it doesn’t listen. It hears, but it doesn’t remember. It hears, but it doesn’t always understand. Hearing you hear, but you do not understand. Seeing you see, but you do not perceive. It’s like that. So, the Buddha didn’t deal with the brain and mind. The Buddha dealt directly with the souls of all beings. Similar to Jesus Christ, Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon Him), Guru Nanak, Lord Mahavira, Lord Krishna, all of Them, They were preaching to the whole universe.

But, because of physical limitations, not many humans could hear Him physically with the ears, so they didn’t come to see Him or get initiation; or they came but they didn’t understand; or they came but they didn’t feel like they should be His disciples, mostly because of intellectual or position in the society. When you have a high position in the government or something, it’s more difficult for you to humble yourself, or openly come and seek the Master to be His disciple or Her disciple. Because you worry; you worry about how people think about you.

How can a president or prime minister come and humble at the feet of the Master, ask for initiation? And eat vegetarian (vegan) and all that? Nowadays, even the high society people, they are vegetarian (vegan), they don’t even dare to say it. That’s why 20-some years after, I made a very emotional speech to praise the presidents of the United States of America. I didn’t much realize the importance of it at that time, when I received the World Spiritual Leadership Award. World Spiritual Leadership! Not just a Spiritual Master, but World Spiritual Leadership! For the presidents of America to acknowledge that, for them, it’s something. It’s not just any president, it’s the presidents of USA, and many of the powerful governors of the States as well. Even if they did not come to ask for initiation or become my official disciples, they’re all gone to high Heaven, New Land. Recently. They had to be somewhere first, waiting, because of different karma.

So, the world people will also be liberated. Liberated means outside of the three destructible worlds. The Three Worlds are the Astral… I mean, the invisible worlds, not the physical world. The physical world, we come and go, come and go. The people in this physical world will be liberated after they die, because we only count after they leave the physical body, whether or not they’ll be liberated. If they are liberated, it means they transcend the Astral World, the Second World, and the Brahma World. Outside of these Three Worlds, you are free forever, unless you want to come back sometimes, for some reason, to see your old Master again, or to help with the world, to help with the work of any Master at all, something like that. Otherwise, you’re free forever.

Even if you don’t go up to the Fifth World yet, or above to the new created Spiritual Land of Tim Qo Tu yet, you are free. I mean, anyone who is above the Three Worlds is free forever. Maybe they have to wait there for some time, for some years, but in our physical world, years mean only seconds in the Spiritual Land. So, they don’t have to wait long.

So, the Buddhas and Christ, any Saint, rescue all the people, all the beings in this world, as long as They are in this world. And Their energy will linger in the world for 300, 500 years after, after Their Nirvana. After They leave the physical body, Their spiritual energy power still stays in the world for three to five hundred years. It depends on how powerful the Saint was or is. It depends on how high level that Saint or how powerful He is. So, for the Buddha’s level, His energy lingered in the world for 500 years.

That’s why He often mentioned that 500 years after, “After my Nirvana, it’s the Dharma-ending Age. All of you, please, Ananda, you help them or others. Don’t go to Nirvana. Don’t go and enjoy forever. Please come back to the world and help beings. Reincarnate again and help others not to fall into demonic paths and demonic powers.” Some Masters leave Their spiritual footprints in our world for 300 years, 200 years, 100 years; depends. But They do leave some behind.

So, we thank all these Masters from the past and present as well, Who bless our world, so that it gets better and better all the time. One second, thank You. We thank all of Them. Before I forget again. The inspiration comes, I have to catch up; otherwise, I forget.

What was it concerning his…? Ah, yeah, yeah. His question was that, how come he doesn’t see any Golden Age in our world yet, even though I have mentioned that we are in the Golden Era. It’s inside only, I told you already, but outside you also see some signs, like better technology, higher consciousness, more peace in the world, less war, more vegetarian, vegans, more actions to take care of the animals; many countries, since the 1990s. Oh, more laws for the animals, more protection for the animals, more punishment for the abuse of the animals. And recent, recent, keep coming more and more now.

But I want to see more laws than that. Because when a country’s law mentions that the animals have to be adequately cared for, protected from hunger, thirst, and elements, and pain, and sorrow, and fear, and suffering of any kind, then that has to include all animals, not just domestic. Because the law did not say only for domestic animals, only for pets, companions. It says “animals!” So, the law has to carry out completely, all the way to the end, a hundred percent. That’s what I want to see. That’s what I want – all the governments to wake up and realize the law that they made, and they will, they have to. They have to, if they want to go to Heaven with me, and don’t want to come back to suffer like the animals suffer. Because whatever you do to others, you will have to experience that, one way or another, sooner or later.

Come to this now. If I remember anything else, I will tell you. I just wanted to explain about Amitabha Buddha before I forgot and then I went on and on, and I haven’t even read my diary for you. I’ll read it now.

All beings are or will be uplifted recently because your Master is stronger now. Before, She could not promise, but now She can. I need to go also on retreat more. It’s for other things, to lessen the suffering of the animals and humans. But all will be uplifted, except some exceptions, that I will read to you. All beings on this planet, as long as I live, as long as your Master lives, She will uplift them all to the New Land, but gradually; depends.

But at least they’re liberated. They’ll be liberated in any case. Then they will go to the New Land, finally. But first they have to wait somewhere, and cleaning, cleaning, cleaning. The people who finally made it to the New Spiritual Land of Tim Qo Tu’s, they’re all cleaned, all cleared, so there are no different levels or no different dimensions of spiritual consciousness anymore. It’s all the same.

Almost like here. We don’t have enough room, so some sit behind there, some sit here. And we are more polite to the Westerners or the foreigners and let them sit in front. And the Taiwanese (Formosan), because they have seen me for decades or many years, so they sit behind there. That’s a courtesy, a loving treatment. It doesn’t mean the Westerners are better than the Taiwanese (Formosan). No. It’s not like that. Just in the world, we treat people kindly when they are our guests.

Westerners or maybe the Thai, the Mongolians, if we have enough room, and the monks and the nuns. But it’s not necessarily that all monks and nuns are better than some of the people who sit way behind there. Not necessarily. It’s just outwardly, we do that because it’s the way we live in this world. But in the newly created Spiritual Land from Tim Qo Tu, it’s all cleaned, all cleared already, before you can come, before you can get there. Therefore, there is no differentiation between.

He asked me, because in the Amitabha Land, there are different levels of attainment. Even in His land, they called it “Nine Levels of Lotus.” It means the nine levels of lotus. It means if you are good, then you are born and you sit on the lotus already, next to the Buddha, near the Buddha. Or there are some lotuses open smaller, and some are not open yet; you are inside, waiting inside the unopened lotus, the lotus bud. There are different levels. But in the newly created, it’s already all cleaned, all cleared before you come up. And you can be there with Tim Qo Tu all the time, to your heart’s content. Further than that, you don’t have to go; you should not, you could not. You can visit a little bit the Original Universe sometimes, but I don’t know what for. The New Land is just as good.

You see, the ones who will be uplifted to the New Land are the virtuous, the repentant, the charitable, the true religious followers, and the followers of your Master, of course, in their hearts. And not all are officially initiated; not all can make it. But if they’re sincere in their hearts and if some sinners they repent, they can also go. That takes some time, longer than you, the direct good disciples, of course.

The following are not able to get liberation, even from your Master. The following:

Those who are against Master physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, openly or secretly. Like cursing the Master, put a curse on Master, so She’s not well, etc., like that. Or against Her disciples, against the Master’s disciples in some form, in any way. These cannot be liberated. But maybe if they repent at the end of their life, possible. It depends on how big is the offense – how much they’re against the Master or how much they’ve done against Her disciples.

Next one is those who produce weapons and who go against different governments, like double-tongue. Like go to talk to this government and say, “That government is bad for you.” And go to that government and say, “This government is bad for you.” Making them against each other, so that they can sell weapons and make money. Anyone who produces weapons, owns the weapon producing company, cannot be rescued. The workers for the company are less, less responsible, but still very hard to liberate, to rescue. It depends also how much their heart is in with that business or not. I’m just saying in general; details take too long.

And the owner of any animal slaughterhouse, which kill, torture, or maim and harass animals. Any owners of any slaughterhouses are not to be rescued, even if they repent afterwards. If they change in this lifetime into vegan business or quit the slaughtering all together and repent, then possible. But if they, to the end of their lives, they still continue to own the business and let animals be slaughtered and tortured and hurt in any way, then they cannot be liberated.

Because the animals are also God’s children in different degrees. God made them to help us. That’s why in some Bible it says, “Ask the animals, they’ll help you; ask the birds, they’ll tell you;” ask the whatever, “they’ll show you.” They’re here to bless the world also. They are full of Light, full of love. You can see many clips we make on Supreme Master Television, they are so… they are better than humans, better than many humans. They have emotions, they have love, they have intelligence. They have faithful relationships with each other. They love each other, protect each other, and protect humans also. Even the ones who harass them, if in time of need, they still come and help that human.

Anyone who makes any being suffer deliberately in any way, also cannot be rescued. Anyone who is wicked in their heart, inciting wars, or anyone who is a dictator leader, who harms their citizens, or even opponents, in any way, they also cannot be rescued.

Any dictator leaders who restrict their citizens’ movements and faith, means beliefs, or travel, or different political beliefs – any dictator leaders like that, also cannot be rescued. They’ll go to hell. Any leaders who obstruct the citizens of their freedom of any kind, so that they cannot interact with other citizens, they cannot share their knowledge or their faith with other citizens, they cannot travel to other countries to interact with other countries’ citizens or to learn from other citizens, other countries’ citizens knowledge or faith, or any kind, harmlessly – any leader like that is responsible for themselves, that they go to hell. No one else is responsible for them. No Master can rescue them. They will be in hell for all endless time, endless.

That’s more or less what I wrote here in my diary. And the rest was just extra calendar.

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