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Be Serious and Protect Yourself by All Means, May 25, 2020

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So have to wear a mask and protective gear outside your room. Wash your hands, your body, all the time, after you’ve been out. (Thank You for the reminder, Master.) You have to be serious.


(Hallo, Master.) Hey, hallo, (Hey!) Beautiful. How are you? (I’m good. How are You, Master?) So, so. (Oh.) The inside, more the inside. Also outside. I do work (Yes.) as much as I can and also meditate a lot. (Very busy.) Very sorrowful heart, pain in my heart. (Oh.) I have to fight with that, fight with my sadness because Heaven also told me, “Sadness won’t help. You have to be happy.” I said, “How? Look around You and tell me I have to be happy?” “Look around my world and my life and everybody else’s lives, and then You tell me to be happy?” That’s what I told Heaven. I try. I try to fake my smile alone. Nobody sees anyway. So what is the point? (Yes.)


When people suffer, I suffer too. (Yes, Master.) I’m thinking of people who’re gasping for breath, and some young children, very, very young age, not even teenagers yet and suffer so much with this very strange disease because it’s not the usual one that they normally have as a kid. (Yes.) It’s unusual because it’s from the COVID-19, and they suffer so much and some die, and even some young teenagers also have problems.


This is a terrible. Everyone involved in killing or torturing or partaking in this kind of business, like meat business, are affected. Some are covered because of their bigger merit from former lives, it’s still left over. (Yes.) Some are not covered and they just got hit. (Oh. It’s so sad.) Full blow. Some are covered, so they recover to some extent from their own merit. (Yes.) Covered from former life or this life, if they’ve done something well, good, helping others or saving lives in some way. They recover, or they won’t get hit at all, even if they carry the disease. So that is the problem. That’s why I want to tell you guys, I call you to remind everyone to wear masks (Yes, Master.) and protective face mask even, it’s better, if you go out somewhere, outside of your room, of your area. (OK.) Because someone else who has the disease, who has the infection, might have been there before you, even though no one was around you. Like if you go down in the basement of your own building, (Yes.) your own condo building, in the community basement to just get some tools or something from your storage down there or wash your clothes or something, you should wear a mask, and protective face mask, it’s the best. (OK, Master.)

Come back, still need to wash yourself, it’s better. Wash hands, wash face, wash the whole body if possible. Because there are cases happened that someone went down to their own building basement to wash their clothes and then they got sick. They got infected even though no one was there and they have never been outside their room except that time. (Oh.) For example. (OK, Master.) So, be careful. Because whoever has been sick, if he or she has been there before you, (Yes.) or he coughs or breathes or touches things down there, then you might get infected as well, just the same. Even if that person is not sick or he doesn’t know he’s sick yet, he still has it. (Yes, Master.) And then it’s still in the air. Because a lot of people who don’t know they’re sick, or sick but walking around somewhere or in a supermarket or something like that, being macho, don’t wear a mask or flouting the emergency COVID curfew, things like that, and they breathe and they cough and they talk or whatever, and it’s still in the air and then you will get it if you are near or next to. After even, if nobody’s there anymore, you still get it. So have to wear a mask and protective gear outside your room. Wash your hands, your body, all the time, after you’ve been out. (Thank You for the reminder, Master.) You have to be serious. Don’t be macho, because you don’t know what it’s like when you are sick with this. It tortures you. Some feel like burning fire in their body, in their blood. Some have no air, they cannot breathe. Some children are sick with a strange disease and some people got affected in different ways. This COVID-19 infection is like none other. It has quite a variety of symptoms all related to it, and even no symptoms at all. Very scary one for children and adults alike. Even healthy, young adults also. So, be serious. (Yes, Master. Oh…) Can you still hear me? My phone is kind of cracking. (Master, I can still hear You, yes.) Good, good. Wonderful. (Master…) Yeah, one moment. (OK.)

Be serious about that. Wear a mask, all the time. I mean, outside your room. (Yes, Master.) Even if you go to the common kitchen to eat, wear your mask. Take the food you need, and then go eat somewhere alone. (OK.) Don’t sit together and be chatty, even through the mask or without mask. Not even sitting far away. Far away like two meters, this is just a standard. The minimum that you can do. But you never know if somebody just passed by your area, your space. And he got sickness in him, the COVID-19 virus or with her. (Yes, Master.) You take off your mask to eat, you would catch it all the same. (Yes, Master.) People, of course, in our common kitchen, if we have it, people know how to wear masks and wear gloves to cook anyway. I have taught this since decades already. And our kitchen always has this standard practice. (Yes.) Wearing masks and gloves while cooking or handling vegetables and food. But outside people might not. And even then, you should wear the mask, take your food, and go eat alone. (OK, Master.) I mean all of you. (Yes, Master.) The people outside might not listen to my talk because they don’t know me, and they don’t care. But you guys should do it. (OK, thank You, Master.) I don’t waste my time to tell you this for nothing. No reason I would do that. Just to take care of you guys only. (Thank You so much, Master.) Be serious. (Yes, Master. Thank You.)

And you guys meditate alone in your office. Better don’t need group meditation. Because you don’t have enough big space, (Yes, Master.) two meters square each. (OK.) Boys, they have them. If you have, then do it. But if you don’t, just meditate in your own office. Set the alarm clock, meditate with everyone else, (Yes.) three times a day, as our Supreme Master TV team workers. (Yes.) Yeah. And meditate alone, better. (OK, Master.) Your own space or in your own office. But must meditate. (Yes. Yes, we shall.) Three times a day, must, to protect yourself in a higher level, not just the mask and the medicine. These are just standard. (OK, Master.) Higher protection, you must create it, with the meditation practice that I have taught during initiation. (Thank You, Master.) Recite the Holy Names all the time and pray every day. (Yes, Master.) These are the highest protection. (Thank You, Master.) I told you guys to recite the Holy Names all the time, anytime, anywhere. (Yes.) Not only to protect you, but also to protect others nearby, around you. So it’s very important. (Yes, Master.)

I told you guys to be serious, whoever can listen… I think even in where you live right now, it’s already pronounced safe, officially, and people are not quarantined anymore, but there are still some who have the infection without showing symptoms. So anyone who goes out of the house, they should wear a mask. (OK, Master.) When you go out, you wear a mask, except when you have to show your face for the ID purposes. Otherwise, just wear a mask, is safer. On the airplane or bus or something like that, or in the supermarket, so not to infect yourself or to infect the food that you are looking at, breathing on, or coughing on, you never know. Protect the food. (Yes, Master.) Go in the supermarket and all that; protect all the items in the shops. Anyway, because there are things that are still going on, like SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome) and MERS (Middle East Respiratory Syndrome) and stuff like that. Even though the death tolls were not very high, the infection is still going on. (Yes, Master.) And other seasonal flu and whatever. (Yes, Master.) I think you guys should wear masks when you go out in the public area. Yeah? (OK, Master.) (Will do. Thank You so much.) You’re welcome.


(Anything new to share, Master?) I forgot to tell you some story. A snake tried to bite me when I walked out just some meters in the outside area, garden and trees. (Oh my goodness! What happened?) The snake tried to bite me. But before he can, the bird already killed him. (Oh, wow.)  It’s a poisonous snake. Even though it was not a very big one, but it’s poisonous. And afterward I checked. I thought it’s the… I thanked all the Godses, and They said, “Oh, thank the good instrument, the bird.” It was the bird De. Remember one time I told you guys I’d seen a bird and he kept walking around me all the time? (Yes.) We can have his photo now. (OK.) He’s grown big now. (Wow.) About four sizes bigger than before. Bigger than that in the photo. (Oh, wow.) Before he was as big as one of my foot. My foot is small, but he’s about that size.  Simple like a pigeon, adolescent pigeon. And now, he’s big. I thought he was an eagle. And color changed. Darker and not so spotty, but the spots became also bigger and he’s so majestic. He flew in from nowhere and just terminated that snake. (Wow. Thank goodness.)

Before I was told that he’s there to protect me, but I didn’t know, I didn’t see any evidence. (When?) A few days ago. (A few days ago! Thank goodness. Thank Heavens for the bird.) Four days ago. Yes. (Four days ago, Master?) Yeah, four days ago. (Wow.) No longer where he was before, but he flew out from nowhere. He’s everywhere now. Anyway, he can fly very high and he went anywhere. He doesn’t stay in one place, or the place that I saw him before. He came from nowhere just like that. And just to make sure nothing, no magic can revive him, he came back and forth to keep eating the dead snake. (Yes. Thank you to the bird for protecting Master.) He’s like dividing it into many parts so that they cannot revive him again even with demons’ magic. He has grown so big that at first I didn’t recognize him. (Yes.) Surprised, and he saw me, he also didn’t linger. He flew away. And later, he’s not there but I asked him, why did he have to eat that terrible snake. (Yes.) He doesn’t have to eat it. It’s so yucky. (Yes.) And he says he has to chop some part off and divide it; otherwise some demons might patch him up and then turn him into a zombie and still can work again. (OK. Wow.) (Thank goodness for the bird.) The snake never wanted to, I know that. (Oh.) Just he’s pushed. Understand? (Yes, Master.) Manipulated into doing that. They use all kinds of things to trouble me. Oh, they really hate me. (Oh.)

(Are there still many around, demons?) Oh, yes. (Oh.) Of course, and they are hiding in humans’ life as well. (Oh, no.) Yeah. Because some humans are turned into zombies. (Oh. Woah.) Many of them are also COVID[-19] victims. (My goodness.) So many things. They have such magic, they turn even people into zombies. And the soul is pushed out, forced out. (What happened to those souls?) Don’t worry about these souls, I caught them (OK, thank You, Master.) and sent them up to Heaven. (Wow. They’ve been turned into zombies. It’s like a Hollywood movie.) Yes, yes. And tell you what: Alzheimer’s disease, (Yes.) it’s not truly a disease per se, it is some half successful zealous demons’ doing. (Oh, my goodness!) If they are completely successful, then they take over the whole person. (Yes.) But if only half successful or less successful, then they turn them into Alzheimer’s patients like that. So they don’t remember anything. They don’t recognize their own wives and kids even. (That’s unbelievable.) I know. (There’s just so much we don’t know about this world.) This world is horrible, I’m telling you. Because we are doing things to ourselves also to make the energy so bad that all kinds of things can feed on it. (Yes, Master.) It’s kind of scary, this world. (Yes.) Thank God I have some little protection, now and then. (We pray for Master’s protection.) They try hard to get rid of me. (Oh.) I am die-hard. (Yes.) I’m a die hard, hard boiled. (Thank You. Thank You for staying here, Master.) Still have work to do. What to do? (Yes, Master.)


(Master, there are some questions I’d like to ask.) Sure. Go ahead. (Has Master made any more donations for the COVID-19 victims in countries aggravated by the virus?) Of course, some, yes. I have arranged for Syria, Brazil, Mexico, Yemen. (Oh.) And I think I’m going to arrange for Afghanistan and Ghana, in Africa. I just do what comes along. I don’t always have enough information about the seriousness or infection rate in different countries. (Yes, Master.) As I told you, as you saw before, the phone, it did not even work well. (Yes.) And now it’s better. You can hear me. Right? Much better, now. (Thank You, Master.) Before it was so static, I could not even hear my own self. (Oh.) I don’t always have access to the news. (Yes, Master.) I’m a very low-tech person and I stay in some area that is not very high tech. But it’s still better than nothing, already. (Yes.) I still can work, it’s just that sometimes I don’t always see the news. I have to meditate a lot.  (Yes, Master. Thank You.) And take care of many things alone. Some big things like washing dishes, washing clothes. Cleaning the house, sweeping the ants (Oh.) or whatever. (Oh. Yes.) Actually, in retreat, I should not look at the news or anything at all. It just comes by because of the phone.  But also because this special situation of our world, I cannot just ignore. (Yes, Master.) Any other question? (Master, yes.) Before the phone went crazy.


(I have one more question, Master.) OK. Good. Go ahead. (Master, You’ve been on this Earth for a very, very long time. It’s like forever.) Yeah. (So why did Master create the New Spiritual Realm just recently? Like a thousand years ago?) Oh. It’s just Higher Heaven’s number. (Oh.) I forgot to translate it into Earth years. If it’s Earth years counting, then it’s quite long, long, long. OK? (Oh.) Let me see. Sometimes I forgot to translate into our math system. Because it is different. It’s a different type of counting. (Yes, Master.) Different kind of time and space. And in some higher area, don’t have time and don’t have space. (Yes.) Like in the New Spiritual Realm of Tim Qo Tu, don’t have time and space. We don’t care, we don’t need that. (Cool.) And it depends on where I pass by or am hanging out as you say in American language. It depends on which Heaven I was hanging out when I was talking at that time, then I just spoke it accordingly. (Yes, Master.) But it wasn’t just a thousand plus years ago. (Oh, how long ago was it?) It takes some time to calculate. (OK.) That’s why sometimes I did not even think about that. Because it doesn’t matter to you guys in this period of time anyway. You got it. You got the Heavens, the highest possible, waiting for you. So I did not even think. But let me see. (Thank You, Master.) For me, it was secured and it’s there already for you guys, so I did not think too much. (OK.) Oh, it takes some time. Be patient. One moment. (Yes, Master.) If my brain can even grasp it. I just have to write it down on this paper and tell you. You have to know that in different Heavens, there are different math systems. (Yes? Oh wow.) No matter what, their time is different than our time. OK? (OK.) For example, in our Earth also, we have American dollars. Or even Russian ruble. Even just US$10,000 becomes like millions of rubles in Russia, or in India, or maybe in some renminbi in China for example, or Aulacese (Vietnamese) đồng. (Yes, Master.) So if you forget to translate, you say, “Oh, I have bought a house in Âu Lạc (Vietnam) for one billion dollars,” that means one billion đồng in Âu Lạc (Vietnam), but that is not one billion in US dollars. (Yes, Master.) So, for that thousand plus years ago, I was on the Fifth Level then. So now it would be about 63,230,320 plus years (Wow!) in Earth time. (Wow, that’s a very long time.) If you go higher, it’s even… It’s different. Or lower, it’s different. Because the Master’s soul is in different Heavens sometimes. (Ah, OK.) Can teach Heavens and Earth at the same time. Therefore, there was a big difference between the number of years, but it’s not just a thousand plus years ago. (Wow, OK, thank You for explaining, Master.)


Anymore questions? That’s all. (Thank You so much, Master.) Oh, thank God, the phone works well, (Yes.) just for us. Before that, was it OK? Before this. (Yes, the first recording, it was OK like this.) Oh, you recorded. Good, so that you don’t forget if you want to tell your brothers and sisters, then you can transcribe it. (Oh yes, yes, that part will be transcribed, yes.) So that they can know about it. (OK, Master.) Especially about the masks stuff. (Yes, Master.) OK, thank you. (Thank You so much. God bless You, Master.) Bless you. (Thank You. Thank You.) Say hallo to sisters and brothers. (Will do. Thank You so much.) All of your co-team members. (Yes, Master.) I thank them all the time. Even, sometimes, if I don’t have time to write to thank, I thank you all, all the time. (Oh, one more question: You catch all the souls forced out by demons and take them up, Master?) Only the good or repentant ones. (Thank You, Master. Take care, wish You all the best.) Take care.

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